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If you're in the market for a new home, you need the money to buy it. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or you're investing in your next fixer-upper, you can find a loan that makes sense for you. Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. is a local branch of a trusted national mortgage company. For help choosing a loan program, meet with a mortgage lender at our office in Missoula, MT today.


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Conventional Mortgage Lending

Our mortgage company can help you secure a loan for your next home.

Conventional Mortgage Lending

FHA Lending

Find out if you qualify for a low down payment mortgage.

FHA Lending

Specialized Loan Programs

Learn more about applying for a specialized loan program, such as a jumbo mortgage.

Specialized Loan Programs

Veterans Affairs Lending

Are you a veteran trying to buy a house? Ask about VA home loans.

Veterans Affairs Lending

3 tips to help you secure the right home loan

The home buying process is overwhelming enough. Applying for and securing a mortgage should be simple. Here are three tips that will make choosing a loan program a breeze:

1.) Know your credit score

a low credit score doesn't mean you have to forget your dream of homeownership. A mortgage lender can help you explore your loan options.

2.) Do your research

pay attention to home prices in your area so that you're prepared for the house-hunting process. This will also help you figure out how big of a loan you need.

3.) Make sure you understand the different loan options

there's a lot of information about home loans out there. An experienced mortgage lender at Primary Residential Mortgage can tell you all you need to know about choosing a loan program.

Call our office in Missoula, MT today at 406-542-1972 to start planning your home purchase with a qualified member of our team.

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. located at 2112 Dixon Ave (across Brooks from McDonald's), has had the same location for over 20 years.

Bill Darling, Branch Manager/Owner, has provided full service mortgage lender services to Western Montana for over 25 years.

We are a direct lender with delegated underwriting authority to approve, close and fund purchase and refinance mortgages on residential property.

The pre-loan approval process and post-closing service level are two important criteria borrowers should consider when choosing a lender. Local market knowledge, presence in the community and on-site availability are some of the advantages a local lender can provide. Indeed, access to your lender who has a vested stake in the loan approval outcome should be of paramount consideration when selecting a lender. Forming a one-on-one partnership between the borrower and loan officer helps to ensure efficiency and promotes a successful outcome of the transaction.

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About Primary Residential Mortgage

As a branch of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., a national mortgage bank resident in 49 states, we help clients secure mortgage loans. Independent mortgage banks account for about 65% of all mortgages provided in the U.S.

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., PRMI, is a direct lender. Loan origination, processing, underwriting, closing and funding occur within the same organization. We have direct authority from HUD, VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to consummate your transaction under Federal guarantees and deliver the closed loan to large market investment pools.

As a fiduciary, our service is fully comprehensive from initial financial guidance to downstream servicing of your closed loan. We maintain point of contact-you reach us directly for local service, and you won't get shuttled to an overseas 800 number. We know our clients and have a direct stake in their financial decision-making and well-being.

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