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The Department of Veterans Affairs offers lending programs to serve the service members who have honorably served this nation. The VA's mission is to promote homeownership to active duty, retired and discharged veterans who have served in the Armed Forces or National Guard. The VA loan division is not federally subsidized. Revenues generated through borrower-paid guaranty fees self-sustain VA lending operations.

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Understanding VA home loans

Understanding VA home loans

If you’re a veteran interested in applying for a loan, here are just a few things to know about VA home loans:

  • VA loans are available to any qualified active duty service member or veteran. A Certificate of Eligibility is produced by the VA to determine an individual’s eligibility.
  • There a no restrictions to the number of times an eligible individual can avail themselves to VA financing. The only restriction, generally speaking, is that the individual cannot have concurrent VA loans.
  • VA loans will only finance an owner-occupied, primary residence. This primary residence can be a single-story home or a small multifamily property. VA will also finance, with some restrictions, manufactured housing.
  • VA home loans require no down payment and they’re relatively easy to qualify for. As mentioned above, VA loans require a borrower-paid upfront Funding Fee. Disabled individuals are exempt from this fee.

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